2 Jul 2015

This is it.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Warning: This post will be crazily random - written. There might not be any linkage from one passage to another, so yeah, expect nothing other than that ;)

So, it had already been more than one month since I finish my International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in Mara College Seremban. It feels really good at times, especially when you got like no more assignment, no more EE, Essays, IAs and those Cas Log forms to be filled. But, there will be time when I will ponder upon the moments that I had went through, during my IBD, and man, I have to admit, sometimes, I miss those days. Nope, not the time when I keep on pushing myself to finish all the assignments, but the moments of self-taught, friendship, all the laughter and tears I had there. 

Lots and lots of things happened.
And every single one of it is precious.

We have a rough journey.
And when I look back, it is crazy that I could hate and love you at the same time. I still remember the time when you said harsh words to us and even got us out of the class, when we could not answer your question. I still remember the sound of your voice when you are really mad at us. But, still after all, we love you, madam. Well, I do love you. because I know that everything that you do, it comes from your heart :)

Amir wasn't looking at the camera and Haziq was busy being the unofficial deejay of the night. Typical us. 
Presenting The IB95.
We all have different personality, different wavelength of thinking, different background and so many differences that I might not be able to recall. Despite all, they are among the backbone that enable me to stand strong till the very end of time in KMS. Cheers to every single one of us, and may we all be able to pursue our dream, someday in the future.

IB medicine fellas. Ehem, we look good in the white coat, don't you think? hahaha. Coat makmal je pon, not the real one yet,in sha Allah, later, we will wear exactly the one that we crave to hold all this while. This is a tough journey, no one said it was easy. And, I hope, we will made it, together. And be a competent doctor that treats our patient just the way we want our parents to be treated. In sha Allah.

yes, the result will be out in few more days. Tipu la kalau cakap yang there is no fear at all, masa depan kot ni,haha. But,then, there is nothing more that we could do other than pray to Allah, and pray and pray. And siapkan minda. Sebab, i had always believe physical pain and emotional,mind-related pain, their effects are just different and the latter will end up being a torture if we are not good enough in handling it. Ya Allah, may I get the best result that could make my parents proud of me, lead me to your baraqah wa rahmah. Ketentuan Tuhan itu adalah yang terbaik untuk kita, and I just hope that when the time comes, I will be wise enough to decide upon my action and reaction, with your guidance, Ya Rabb. Bersyukur bila berjaya, dan bersyukur dan redha jika kejayaan itu,hakikatnya nanti tertangguh.

And,well, tetiba rasa macam nak tukar url. Tengoklah bila dah dapat result nanti kot ;)
Pray for me, pray for us.
Ramdhan Qareem everyone!

it's okay to be a freak upon one's eyes...just don't be one upon ALLAH's

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