22 Mar 2015

Farewell, people

And I hope I will be gone, for not too long a time.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

The examination is just around the corner, and this is no small matter for us,
This is our Final IB Examination, and it is just 43 days away,
Not so much time left, aye?

I find it hard to focus, when there are so many distractions on my way,
So, I guess, this is the right time for me, to get back on the track,
And, to gain the momentum, I would have to do what I had done during my SPM time,
which is to stop procrastinating, and to stop procrastinating means, 
no more blogging, no more FB's wall scrolling, and being online as if I got nothing else to do.

So, here I am, contemplating on my past and future undertaking,
Alhamdulillah, we all have past our interview for Numed recently, and only Allah knows how glad and grateful we are. We have received the conditional offer to Numed, and that means we have to ensure that 37 points are achievable in order to pursue our studies in Numed, and I am praying hard for that.

Honestly, there are so may things that have to be settled down before we sit for our examination.
Lists of the selected students for Chemistry, Biology and Math IA moderation aren't out yet,
and I hope I would not be in the list, or else it would be another hard moment for me ;)
There are also a lot of topics needed to be revised, just tones of assignment waiting to be done, and books to be finish reading off,
So I have no choice but to keep the flame on and start doing it all, so wish me luck guys :)

So far, *I think I said this most of the time* my journey here in KMS is one roller-coaster ride,
There were ups and downs,
laughter and tears, 
being scolded and praised,
happiness and sorrow have been packed in one solid disc, called memories,

I keep looking at those old buildings of KMS and pondering upon their contribution to me,
I learned not only during the class lesson, but mostly from life itself,
I learned to be patience, from my own temper and madness,
I learned to respect, even when I think some people just don't deserve my respect,
I learned to be thankful, when life hits me right to the bottom,
I learned to be stronger, when I pick up my broken pieces,
and I hope I had learned to be a better hamba Allah, 
be it in this merely-lasting dunia, and also there in akhirah.

And I also hope,
I would end this journey of IB Diploma with tears,
but not the same one as I had always shed off, all this while.

Finenine, will definitely shine!

it's okay to be a freak upon one's eyes...just don't be one upon ALLAH's


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