8 May 2014

Penawar dalam penampar.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

"Dia tu asyik tidur je walaupun dah nak dekat exam. Macam tak kisah langsung" - hamba Allah.

I didn't even know whether those words that she uttered were for me or not, but consider that i was the only person that was 'sleeping' at that time, it hit me like a bolt. Yes, she might not be talking about me, but that was not the point.

After a few while that i was not given the blessing to cry to my Allah, i did it right after that, in my solah.
It is not the fact that i was not expect her to say that to me, because for me, she is a nice girl but, i do cry because the words she said is so damn right. SHE IS RIGHT.

Despite the monster feeling that i have within myself, i was touched with the whole scenario.

Allah sent her to actually wake me up.
that i should have put more and more effort, not actually for the sake of the exam but for the sake of HIM.
Allah is so nice to actually give me the strength to forgive her ( when there is nothing to be forgiven of, if the phrase is not for me) and to actually forgive myself.
He give me the strength through this.

The quote i found when i was walking to pantry after performing asar.

I read it this way,
You do not do evil to yourself when the evil side of you seems to be too strong,
but you deal with it, with forgiveness and kindness.

Thanks o' Allah,
this is all what i really need. I mean not only the quote, it is the whole thing.
I will surely cherish this to the very end of my life.

it's okay to be a freak upon one's eyes...just don't be one upon ALLAH's

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