19 Nov 2013


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

The best word to describe the person whose heart easily touched,
Broken to the worst figure,never can be mend.
Seeking for better-half that is impossible to come,
Without HIS will.

I wonder,
Why it is so hard to accept the reality that we are no longer the same,
To adapt to the surrounding that doesn't feel like home at all,
To be in the other part of Earth and pretending that we love it to our heart content.

Open your eyes people,
Let your mind be free of those heart wrenching circumstances,
It is faith that could save the calmness,
Only and if only we have it close to our soul,
It will brings thousands of perseverance that could beat million of side-matter.

O' Allah,
Could not thank you enough for letting me into this world of IB,
I may not be the best out of the best intelligent people over here,
But I could promise one thing.
I will come here and fix all the things that were not going too well in this SEM 1,
I will encounter another chapter in my life with new spirit and whole new enthusiasm.
May You bless all my efforts,Ya Rabbi,
For it all is only a vain without your pleasure upon it.
Ease my way,Ya Rabb...

#Final exam mood on. 

it's okay to be a freak upon one's eyes...just don't be one upon ALLAH's

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