23 Oct 2013


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Berkat,rajin, disiplin.
"If you hold tightly to this three elements in life,you could survive even when they throw you in horrendous flood and there is no other places that could save you,you'll make it to the end, even for your fight in IB" ~ super-super senior.

We need the blessing to make it work,anything.
The blessing from beloved parents,
Teachers and friends,try hard not to hurt their feeling.
And above all, strive for Mardhatillah, HIS ultimate blessing.

And the diligence together with discipline would always come together.

" Study smart je tak cukup even most of the people said so,you must study hard as well"

~oh yeeeaaa :)

it's okay to be a freak upon one's eyes...just don't be one upon ALLAH's

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