9 Jul 2013

Settling down in progress

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Tomorrow will curve a history.
First day of Ramadhan without family by side. Comes again,le' beginning is always the hardest.
But Allah the most gracious,the most merciful will never leave me in despair of not knowing what is gonna happen. He sent my families whom I dearly love away so that I'll be an independent survivor in this land of him. And he replace them with great people around. Yes,I have to admit that the seniors are nice,ready to help us whenever we need them the most. The guys are cool,beautiful ladies here and there. The teachers (yes,we call lectures as teachers,lol) also welcome us with open arm and honestly,I felt grateful to be here.

To Group N0 3 *MAVERICKS*
You guys rock! I'm really impressed with every single person that belong to my group. Even I was not that helpful,and could be blurred most of the time, they were able to make me feel like... I belong to the group. Ed,Fara Squared,Wanie,Tikah,Aida,Dee,Najat,Aiesya,Rebecca,Khaliq,Aiman,Afiq,Abbas,Megat, Yusuf,semua-semua la.. Thanks for being such an awesome groupmates! May Allah bless you guys.

May This Ramadhan Brings Us Delightful Moments To Be Shared Together.
Ramadhan isn't about starve our body off,but to feed your soul with amal jariah.
Happy Fasting!

it's okay to be a freak upon one's eyes...just don't be one upon ALLAH's

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