14 May 2013

My Ummi

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Dia wanita yang all-rounded. Well,at least for me. Honestly,she's not that expert in cooking which explains why i'm having much difficulties when it comes to cook (diri yang tangan kayu,salahkan umi pulak...grrr). Tapi,untuk saya,walaupun masakan ummi adalah simple yang amat,it's still the meal that i would craving for,and forever will be. Ummi tak pandai nak masak ikan 10 rasa ke apa,tapi she still do her best to feed us,anak-anak yang memang kerjanya kebulur setiap masa. Haha. And i'm grateful for that.

all time inspiration

Ummi works as a teacher. And she's really close with her student,I could see that. Some of them even call her mak,ummi,mummy,ntah apa-apa lagi la. Haha. Her sense of humour makes us feel comfortable when we converse with her. As a mom,memang la kadang-kadang ketegasan dia tu agak 'over the limit' di mata saya,seorang anak bawah umur yang belum kenal hakikat dunia ni. Ya,remaja yang kadangnya konon mengerti semua benda walhal sangatla noob in certain things. That's me :)

Ada yang cakap,ketegasan tu mengalir dalam darah ini juga. But,the fact is i'm not as firm as her,and i wish i could be that firm for good. I really wish.  And I remember I had this one conversation with my aunt. She asked me a question that hits me for awhile.

Kenapa kak tak macam umi? Dulu masa baba tak balik kelantan lagi,umi kena buat segalanya. Dan dia survive. 

And you syaza,you couldn't even survive for your jpj test,lingkup buat kedua kalinya..Haha..(but i make it on my third test,finally). Seriously,i don't know how my life would be without her. And i don't even wanna know.

My dear Ummi,
i wanna you to know,
i love you even i never told you that,
i don't know why,but i feel awkward to do so,
it's not your fault that i grew up and be this-me,
it's mine and i've to deal with it somehow,
and i don't want to do that without your help,
and your endless love and dua's,

forgive me for all my wrong doing,
forgive me for being so helpless sometimes,
forgive me for being this ignorant-syaza,
forgive me so that i could have HIS barakah with me all along my journey,

There is no other women that could replace you in my heart,
It was there,still is and in sha Allah,forever will be,
Thanks for everything,i love you ummi :)

your scruffy lil child,

it's okay to be a freak upon one's eyes...just don't be one upon ALLAH's


Izzah Haneefa said...

Umi is the best :)

spontaneous_gurlz said...

couldn't agree more


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