10 Jan 2013

Awesome Photo Contest By Shadhira

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

hye there,
Err,frankly speaking,i don't have any idea on how i gonna write this entry,
it just..it just me being the old me who keep thinking about the past,
people say,looking back at your old days is just a waste of time,
yes ,it is,if and only if we learnt nothing from them

Being a school-leaver makes me sick,sometimes.
Coz i miss them,a lot
Them? They are the people captured below :')


Ukhwah Fillah Abadan Abada
Here we go,
my luahan hati :)
I know that things wouldn't be the same anymore,
and i won't be able to be the same syaza i used to be,back then in SAHUT,
I know that i was not a good leader after all,not even a good friend,
and it was shame on me that i let everyone down,it still is,
But, i believe everything happens for a reason,
although our path may differ from each other,starting from the day i left you all,
it doesn't means that i forget every memory we share,not even once,
and i just want you to know that..
through the ups and downs of life,
you will be there,close to me..
in my heart
along with my du'a
ukhwah fillah abadan abada : bersahabat kerana Allah,till our last breath
may us?

actually,i went blogwalking and encountered a contest,
and honestly,this contest comes at the right time,bundle of thanks to miss organizer :)

click to join :)
dear miss organizer,
i'd followed you blog,liked your fanpage,clicked the 'things' you asked,haha
sorry,i don't have any twitter accaunt
and sorry that i put the banner at the very bottom of my entry,
hope you wouldn't mind :)

pen off,

it's okay to be a freak upon one's eyes...just don't be one upon ALLAH's


shadhira said...
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shadhira said...

bundle of thanks to you too my dear syaza... :)

spontaneous_gurlz said...

most welcome :D

n a j i h a h z a k a r i a said...

Cantik gambar :)

spontaneous_gurlz said...

join juga ya?
best of luck to us!

Nurul Najihah said...

najihah datang dr scontest y same + follow sinie :)


gudlux :)

spontaneous_gurlz said...

thanks for coming and following me

best of luck to us :)

Seneorita Baharin said...

hi dear..Good luck ye..btw follow u back.. :)

Sya Chot .. said...

selamat bersegmen yer:) n good luck..

spontaneous_gurlz said...


spontaneous_gurlz said...

trima kasih :D

Nadya Bubble said...

Jom join contest Mksyahir.com ! Hadiah tunai okay ;)


Pn.bayu said...

Datang singgah....and good luck!..


Arita Atira said...

Salam..Hai saya salah satu peserta dari contest yang sama.. Saje nak terjah..hehe..Good luck yer.. Saya dah Follow awak..Follow Me back ok. . http://tirasigigiarnab.blogspot.com/2013/01/awesome-photo-contest-by-shadhira.html

~didiey~ said...

dr contest yg sama :) good luck to u.. follow =)


spontaneous_gurlz said...

@ pn.bayu
good luck to you too :)

yeap,done doing that

spontaneous_gurlz said...

oo yeah,good luck to you too :)


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