31 Dec 2012

dua 01 dua

assalamualaikum w.b.t

2012 will leave us soon with great and bad memories altogether..
i realize that 2012 had taught me a lot
i went trough hard times as well,but the 'hikmah' was always there..Alhamdullillah

..............down the memory lane..................

kem pengawas sesi 2012

sorry to say that i have no picture to be 'paste' here..at first,i thought it would be a boring one,a camp full of talk and the teachers giving advise,telling us about the school rules,how to cope with the students and blablabla..BUT..it was not..and i had a lot of fun there..betulla alya cakap,setiap pengawas mesti ada at least seorang pengawas lain yang dia agak tak berkenan..as for me,she's a senior..yang sangat horrible...ngeee :)

nadi ilmu amalan membaca ( NILAM )

ujian kebestarian..if i am not mistaken *credit:pkg machang

waiting for my turn..bersama beg pink yg sudah hilang

i manage to get first place for district stage which lead me to beat the contestants from other ppd on state level..i don't want to talk much about things happened there..there were few people that attracted my attention..Amalini,she was the winner and she deserved it..and him,he was superb and cool..i
adore him for his wise words and great manner..*knowing him,i know that he will become someone important  to our country,in sha Allah ..everything went smooth and i won third place on state level.alhamdulillah,it was more than enough for me

karnival sejarah ppd machang

let le picture tells

smk machang won almost all the competition held..i was thankful to have such wonderful teammate,ern and dayang..we rock the presentation and become the winner,once again! the teachers  were really helpful,they even sacrifice their time and lend their hands to finish up our presentation..i would never forget how happy we were at that time..

pkbs 1, pkbs 2, percubaan spm and SPM

mrs google

struggling to face those papers.. i was like,'bila la nak habis..bila la nak habis'
sekali dah habis,nah amek kau,mati kutu wa cakap lu..hehehe..lifeless? obviously!

hari keluarga smk machang

mencari damai yang hilang..erk
syamir yang poyo
it was amazing to watch the teachers reacting in different ways compared to what they used to be..they were serious in class yet they still have sense of humour within themselves..we had fun swimming in the pool,taking part in the so-called-telematch held..even pn.pengetua herself laughed a lot on that days..

these are not even a half from what was actully happened in this blessed year
everything happens for a reason,right
so i guess,it is time to 'tutup buku lama dan buka buku baru',right?
so good bye dua 01 dua
and ahlan wasahlan 2013
may the odds be ever in your favour*tetiba

it's okay to be a freak upon one's eyes...just don't be one upon ALLAH's

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