31 Dec 2012

Contest #TheMostMemorable2012Moment

assalamualaikum w.b.t


it has been years of waiting and finally,it is all over..
i am no more a high school student,
there's no more text books,supportive teachers back then,good looking crush*opss :)
let me tell you the truth,i miss them..all of them *except mr.crush yg namanya pun saya dah lupa
biar la orang nak cakap saya skema ke apa ke,
hakikatnya,saya rindu
rindu nak tengok geng 007 talking nonsense
rindu nak cakap pasal life philosophy dengan cikgu mie
rindu nak tanya harsh addmath question kat ern
rindu nak tengok dayang tunduk buat homework sampai muka cecah meja
saya rindu....

ok,stop blabbering,straight to the main point,please syaza!

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 dan gambar yang dipertaruhkan

meet Adam, my youngest brother.he is five years old and will be six on 2013.what is so special about this picture? well,at that very moment,i was sitting on the couch,reading a novel when i suddenly heard him reading. my brother was actually READING! he wasn't spelling..he was reading! and  it was on his own without our umi helping him as it used to be,and yes,for me it was such an achievement.adik saya yang bongsu ni nakalnya lain macam sikit.so,most of the time,i will end up scolded him with my voice on its top.just look at our messy house and the scratch on his leg, it's more than enough to prove how mischievous he is..i still remember,there was one day when he came to me with his hand holding a book entitle 'si arnab'  and he asked me to help him with the book..he couldn't figure out some words and needed my help..you know what i told him.."adik,pergi main jauh-jauh.jangan kacau sini.kakak ada banyak kerja nak kena siapkan"..and now,i regret it..i wasn't there when he needed me the most..i wasn't there to read for him,to teach him 1 2 3..i wasn't there to cherish his moment..i was too busy preparing for my spm..BUT,no worry,dik..i have the whole upcoming 3 months to be spent with you..i will try my best to be the best big sister of yours,in sha Allah :)

*Allah,baru perasan,description sikit punya panjang :)

hashtag :
#TheMostMemorable2012Moments(a) meet amazing people at nilam
#TheMostMemorable2012Moments(b) menang pertandingan presentation tokoh sejarah
#TheMostMemorable2012Moments(c) debate against naim lilbanat..and won it! walau
                                                                sangkut kat peringkat suku akhir
#TheMostMemorable2012Moments(d) score addmath masa trial..takkan lupa punya :)
#TheMostMemorable2012Moments(e) hadiahkan nana bag masa program skor spm kat politeknik
                                                               kota bharu..will never forget her smiled on that moment
#TheMostMemorable2012Moments(f) spm...spm...spm..tiada yang seumpamanya
even they may seems ordinary for some people out there,for me,these are the most amazing moments that i would treasure for my entire life
my fb : www.facebook.com/zaida.syaza

currently living at Machang,Kelantan

i am going to tag.................budieyy

p/s:may this new year offers us abundant chances to be closer to HIM,in sha Allah


it's okay to be a freak upon one's eyes...just don't be one upon ALLAH's


fatin sh said...

thankyou my dear for joining. Goodluck okay. And Happy New Year btw. :)

p/s: He's cute. *sedih baca desc*

spontaneous_gurlz said...

baru tahu hashtag tu apa..my bad..my bad
so,i nak edit sikit entry ni,boleh kan?

Afiq Hazwan said...

from the same segment

spontaneous_gurlz said...

yeah,done visiting you,best of luck :)

Myu Angle said...

Salam perkenalan :)
Singgah dari contest yang sama ;)


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