24 May 2012


assalamualaikum w.b.t

as you can see,wajah blog berubah lagi!not really act..just return to blog..i found out that i'm not really into blogskin..it just,yeah,kinda too 'cute' for me..haha

mid-term exam had just ended..i have to say that the recent exam had turn me like 180 degree..i assumed that everything will be just fine..however,things had turned upside down and it was a total mess..the result must be harsh..well,i had  done my very best..hence,for the time being,all that i need to do is just to left them to Allah..have faith in Him,Syaza! Tawakal,do hope for the best.. :)

so,here goes the summary :
addmath: paper one is not that bad..paper two = nightmare!
math mode: alhamdulillah, just fine
biology: gosh,don't know what to say
chemistry: my hard work had paid off but it's to early to be happy
physics: haiyya,why is it damn hard to score loo??
bm: all is well
bi: am pretty worried bout my essay..not good enough i thought
pai: questions are kinda creepy..even my mom admit that they are illogical
ea: so far so good
sj: majulah sejarah untuk negara..hehe

act,the main purpose of this post is to wish


maaf sebab lewat wish..my bad my bad..i blame those freaky exam papers
semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki
i just wanna say,
even it is so often of me hurting you with my word,my acts and my thoughts, i want you to know that
thanks for being a superb dad!
may Allah bless you always

exam-mad girl,

it's okay to be a freak upon one's eyes...just don't be one upon ALLAH's


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