12 Mar 2012

it's holiday


today life was like yesterday..
nothing'd change but still,i'm really  thankful for being able to live another one day on this planet earth..pheww,only Allah,the most mecriful, knows if i already had my two foots on alam barzah kan?? well,mengingati mati kan sesuatu yang digalakkan dalam islam..at least,manusia bernama syaza ni sedar diri sikit, tak ada la terus hanyut dalam alam imaginasi aje kan!

well,tak berniat nak taip entry yang panjang berjela,
i just wanna share a few story bout the day i had in terengganu..
my cousin,abang epu got married in saturday..so,buat julung-julung kalinya,si syaza ni menyibukkan diri..to tell you the truth,i'm not that kind of person who love to attend wedding ceremony and mingle around with persons i never know..yeah,this so-called anti-social girl found it was pretty amazing to watch how hectic the wc was..sumpah,x pernah tengok wc se-hectic this one..actually,x ada la hectic sangat,saya aja yang memandai cakap macam tu ;p

asalnya,lepas selesai acara akad nikah,bersanding dan sebagainya*ceh*,kami cadang nak balik,but,somehow,abang mad,kak cik's hubby came out with a brilliant suggestion..tiba-tiba aja cakap"what if kita jalan-jalan pusing KT dulu,nak tak??"

and the kids were like"nak-nak"..
the moms got nothing to say that they were easily 'surrendered' on that very day..ahha,
so,let these pictures tell the rest

abang epu and his wife

keluarga sebelah baba..

big-big family..i heart u guys!

till then,

it's okay to be a freak upon one's eyes...just don't be one upon ALLAH's

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