23 Feb 2012

puzzle solved

lama x jenguk this blog,
so,hari nie,cuba sedaya upaya untuk summarize all the things happen for these previous few weeks,
ok,let's get started dngn kursus kepimpinan pengawas,
above all,i nk cakap,mr.faizal,u are the best kp ever*ini pengakuan jujur,x ada lain2 niat*
tegas n ur credibility as a leader did amazed me,
n kak umairah,tegas but not that over,just nice..n akak,u are so damn great n cantik la i think..hehe
budy,u did a really good job by being the best prefect for girl category n u did beat all the form 6 students and yes,i am realllyyy impressed with u,gal..keep it up.

for the whole three days at the camp,i could see that there were some improvement in prefect board especially for the top exco,the faycee were just gorgeous;the activities were perfect! i found out how enjoyable it was  even there were few unpleasant incidences occured; got some problem with the group,well,still i managed to keep this big mouth shut off..
all in all,everything went superb smooth,thanks Allah for blessing me with those colorful experience i never expected could happen in my life..

beralih kepada topik yang seterusnya,
minggu disiplin,oh ya,tiring week for the entire school,
got pertandingan keceriaan kelas or so-called pertandingan kelas kondusif
5 sc 1 agak hampeh,hehe,did won nothing,but still,syaza sayang kamoo!!
nasib la sc 2 x menang jugak,kalau x,malu dowh *am wondering apa komen niniey diela bila dia baca this line*

before minggu disiplin,our school dengan jayanya telah mengadakan sambutan maulidur rasul,
geng ppim won third place for the perbarisan
everything were great:food stuff;selawat n many others
everything were just great except for the attire,my tudung sampai sekarang pon still haunted me
gila ah selekeh,
tapi sweet sebab pakai pink..ahha

n, not to be forgotten,wish me luck for the oncoming exam
salam sayang,

it's okay to be a freak upon one's eyes...just don't be one upon ALLAH's


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