8 Jan 2012

master chef malaysia 2012

assalamualaikum w.b.t

i honestly don't have any idea on how on earth i'd think to write about this..still can't believe it..this creepy girl who can't even hold a ladle is now posting bout a famous cooking contest!!good improvement i think..ahah..

sebenarnya baru habis tengok master chef final episode on astro ria tadi..and the winner,yeah,as expected,is ezani...to be honest,i really hope that the other contestant,man-something*sorry,i couldn't remember his name..my bad  = = " * did win the competition because winning this kind of big contest will definitely change his whole life..bayangkanlah,from being a  tukang kebun in sabah,fly over to kl to join the tv cooking show,and win it..god,it'll be a blast!!..but,perancangan Allah siapa yang tahu kan??..may be,Allah has a better future to bless him with..think positive :)

btw,masa tengah syok layan cerita tu tadi,ada la certain part yang buat aku sebak,sumpah terharu bila the second runner up said,"ya,saya sedar antara saya dan ezani,perbezaannya terlalu jauh,dia doktor sedangkan saya hanya seorang tukang kebun..BUT..dalam dunia kulinari kami mampu berdiri setanding,bersaing sesama sendiri*ayat yg aku edit sendiri but lebih kurang sama dengan apa yang dia cakapkan*..that moment,jujur cakap,memang aku dapat selami perasaan that man,how rendah diri he is,how he is absolutely aware of what himself is..but then,still,he manage to keep his self confident as high as possible...mungkin dia juga percaya akan this quote,successful persons are those who compare their achievement with their goal,not with others' achievement..to you,man-something,i just wanna say congratzz for being one of the finalist and moga bakat anda tidak disia-siakan..

le winner

and,to ezani,you are just gorgeous,dear miss dentist..just stay as who you are and be your own self..you have done your very best and you did deserve it.i've a dream..you wanna know what my dream is??..meet you and learn how to cook from a such a cool sifu like you..heheh.girl power!!

*still, x boleh percaya yg aku sdang mmikirkan ttg cooking stuff right now..Allah bagi petunjuk ke apa nie = ="<garu2 kepala>  *

till then,

it's okay to be a freak upon one's eyes...just don't be one upon ALLAH's

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